The perimenopause can cause major changes to the shape of our body and how it distributes excess weight. Often we gain weight more easily and in places we never have before and it affects our confidence and how we feel about ourselves.

In this video I explore the reasons imbalanced hormones affect our weight and what we can do to lose that weight without going on ‘a diet’.


If you’re not sure where to start with making changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve symptoms of the perimenopause than click here to download my Hormone Balancing Recipe Guide, which is a great starting point and includes recipes and foods that both you and your family can enjoy.


Itchy skin is a common complaint during the menopause but what can you do to minimise it and stop feeling itchy and irritated all the time.

In this video, I share the reasons why you are feeling so itchy and what you can do to reduce the symptoms.

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The perimenopause can make you feel really angry, irritable and just plain raging for no reason at all.

You can feel so frustrated and even embarrassed by your outbursts and this video looks at the reasons why you feel so angry and what you can do to help take back control of your emotions.

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You know you don’t feel like yourself and your body is changing, but how do you know that you’re going though the perimenopause and what should you be looking out for?

In this video I share the 9 symptoms that in my experience are the first signs and symptoms that you may be perimenopausal, maybe your skin is getting dry, although you can treat that with a Dermatologist, but there are other signs you may be looking for.

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The perimenopause can be a difficult time emotionally. Your body is changing, your moods are all over the place and you don’t know whether you are coming and going.

Your confidence can feel really knocked by the perimenopause, and you feel like your mojo as well and truly left the building. This video looks at the reasons why you feel like this and what you can do to help increase your confidence.

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