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Hormonal Transformation Program

Do you know your hormones are out of whack and are causing all sorts of havoc? That they are affecting your energy levels, focus, mood, sex drive.....and well daily life, and you’re looking for a long term sustainable solution to your hormonal symptoms (no quick fixes here!)

My 4 month signature programme is for women looking for expert guidance to find the right diet for them. Who want to understand how to heal their hormones physically, emotionally and mentally by finding out the underlying cause of their symptoms and to be armed with a practical plan to move forward. Who want to have someone holding their hand every step of the way that understand what they’re going through. Who want to feel in control of their body and emotions, and are committed to making the changes necessary to feel like themselves again (only better!)

Places on this program are by application only.

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Hormone Makeover Intensive Day

Are you fed up of feeling tired (constantly), snappy with your kids and partner and not being able to concentrate or focus on anything? Instead you want to feel lighter, brighter and full of energy. Focused and alert at work and achieve all that you aim to each day. So you can concentrate on spending quality time with the people that really matter to you and have the confidence and self-esteem to live your life to the full.

This Intensive Day is for you if you want to get access to Rebecca's expertise and easy-to-implement plan to heal your hormones and are ready to make changes without the confusion and overwhelm of trying to figure it out for yourself. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do next. Be inspired and motivated to take action so you can balance your hormones naturally for increased energy levels, better sleep, improved focus and more balance mood.

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