3 Tips to Increase Your Oestrogen Levels Naturally

The perimenopause is a natural process that happens to every woman. It can start as early as your late thirties as your hormone levels decline and you head away from those fertile years. Fluctuating oestrogen levels can mean that you experience a few nasty symptoms during this time as oestrogen is beneficial for lots of different processes in the body. While you can expect that your hormone levels will decline during this time, you can also manage them by increasing certain foods, and making sure that you are doing things which help to stimulate the production of oestrogen so that the symptoms are not as severe as they would be if you weren’t doing them.

Common symptoms of low oestrogen are hot flushes, vaginal dryness, which effects your sex drive as well as palpitations or feeling jittery. During this time, hormone levels are declining and your diet can play a big part in managing this. Here are 3 tips for you to help increase your oestrogen levels and balance your hormones.

  1. Increase phytoestrogens in your diet – These are foods that are naturally high in oestrogen which bind to the receptors and help your body to utilise them. Soy beans, whole grains, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, beans and pulses are all good sources of phytoestrogens and they’re also good healthy plant-based foods which you should be including in your diet anyway. By consuming these foods on a daily basis you can really help to boost your oestrogen levels and minimise the symptoms of the perimenopause.
  2. Get moving your body – Exercise can help your body with stimulating hormone production, and to produce them in the levels that you require rather than having to boost them with artificial hormones such as HRT. Stimulating your own production of hormones in your body is the most natural and effective way to increase oestrogen levels . Exercises such as running, swimming, yoga or high intensity interval sessions (HiiT), are good for increasing energy levels, reducing weight gain and for overall health. Aiming to do those 3-4 times a week can be really helpful in balancing hormone levels as well as generally helping you to feel healthier in yourself.
  3. Consume Maca on a daily basis – The third thing, which I’d recommend that you try to help increase those eastern levels is a herb called Maca. It naturally stimulates our bodies to produce oestrogen in the correct levels and balance it out In the correct ratio with progesterone. You can have it in smoothies, stirred into yoghurt or sprinkled on porridge or overnight oats. Try to consume one to two tablespoons daily, to really see the benefit and minimise symptoms like hot flushes and low libido.

If you’re not sure where to start with making changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve symptoms of the perimenopause than click here to download my Hormone Balancing Recipe Guide, which is a great starting point and includes recipes and foods that both you and your family can enjoy.


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