Top 5 Minerals for Hormone Balance

Minerals help our bodies to produce energy and so important for optimal hormonal health. When we are deficient than it can lead to fatigue, PMS, infertility and reduced bone health. In this video, I talk about my top 5 minerals for optimal hormonal health in women.


Today I want to talk to you about minerals and the importance when it comes to imbalance and that’s because I think that minerals can sometimes be a little bit forgotten about when it comes to essential nutrients but actually even though they are only trace minerals and you therefore only need a small amount then they are really important when it comes to hormone balance and lots of other processes in our body.
Basically they help our bodies to produce energy so they work a bit like an electric current in body and sent it to different cells to perform all sorts of different processes and some of them are really important for hormone balance so I’m going to talk about those today.
Now, I have five in my list but there are loads more but these to me are the key ones you really need to focus on
initially when you’re looking at balancing your hormones and making sure that your body is getting everything
that it needs when it comes to balancing your hormones.
The first one is calcium. Calcium is really important for making sure that you are helping to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis when you’re older so very important for bone health, muscle health and things like that.
Alot of people don’t know that calcium itself needs magnesium to help absorb it and to help regulate the level
so the two of them work very closely together and they’re both important for hormone balance and women’s health
generally particularly as you’re approaching and going through the menopause as your body doesn’t absorb calcium in the same way. It’s important to make sure that you were also getting plenty of magnesium as not only does it help with bone health they also help to reduce PMS symptoms such as digestive issues like bloating and constipation and also mood swings and helping to promote sleep because they help to balance your progesterone levels out which is an important hormone when it comes to PMS so to make sure that you
You’ll find calcium in green leafy vegetables such as kale and broccoli as well as sardines.It doesn’t have to be a dairy source and actually the nutrients from dairy are not absorbed as well into your body as taking it in from a plant-based source so I would always recommend going down that route instead. Magnesium is also found in leafy dark green which are also good for promoting liver health to regulate your hormones also also things like nuts, seeds,  beans, lentils and pulses.
The third mineral I want to talk about is Iron. It’s tested a lot for when you’re feeling tired, and if you’re experiencing healdaches and shortness of breath as they are all symptoms that you might be deficient in Iron and struggling with anemia. It is quite common particularly if you suffer a lot with heavy blood loss during menstruation so if you feel or you have periods that go on for a longer period of time so for up to seven or eight days. You probably already know that it’s found in animal sources such as red meat and seafood but also vegetarian sources such as beans and dried fruits are good as well so try to get those in your diet to help boost those iron levels.
The fourth one we talk a lot about think when it comes to fertility because it is really related in both male and female fertility and if you are struggling to conceive it can be that your zinc levels are really low and need boosting.It’s also related to PMS and a low sex drive so if you’re feeling like you have a low libido and no desire for sex , it could be that your zinc levels are low and you need to boost those. It’s also really important for regulating your levels of stress. If you struggle to tolerate stress in the same way that you do normally than upping your intake of zinc can help.Good sources include red meat, spinach and pumpkin seeds. All easy things to get into your diet with a little planning.
The final mineral I want to talk about today is selenium. This is mentioned alot when it comes to your thyroid hormones and it’s important to regulate your thyroid particularly as a woman because your thyroid does tend to decline in health as we get older and that is linked in some way to the menopause. Selenium is also really important when it comes to oestrogen / progesterone balance so making sure that you are getting selenium in your diet in quite small amounts really is beneficial to hormone health. Brazil nuts are a really good source and in fact a handful can give you over half of your RDA for the day. You can also find it in things like fish and turkey so if you are eating those
you should be getting decent levels of selenium in your diet.
I wanted to talk to you about this today because I do think that minerals are not talked about enough and we need to be making sure that we are getting them in good levels and it doesn’t have to be that you have to take a multivitamin to do that As I’ve recommended in this video there are lots of different foods there which are quite straight forward and easy to get in the supermarkets and local shops so they are difficult to include in your diet. You might just need to do a little bit more planning than you are now and thinking about what you’re putting in your diet and why you are
eating those things.
If you have any questions or comments on what I’ve talked about today I’d love to hear them. Make sure you post them in the comments box below.

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