My Top #5 Sugar Alternatives

For a long time I had a love / hate relationship with sugar.  I knew I wanted to cut back on sugar as my energy levels kept crashing and my moods were all over the place, plus the sugar hangover is a killer! But I really craved the sweet stuff and had to gradually wean myself off it.

Swapping it out for some alternatives really helped me in that process but it can feel really confusing as there is so much information out there (and it all contradicts itself). So, here’s my take on the best options for sugar alternatives.

If you’re looking to wean yourself off sugar, swapping it for alternatives is one step. But it’s also really important to look at your diet as a whole as your body craves sugar more when your hormones are out of balance, when you are deficient in certain nutrients and when you are eating the wrong types of food.

If you feel like your sugar cravings are taking over your life, you’re binge eating and suffering with sugar hangovers (trust me, I’ve been there!) and are looking for support in weaning off it, then click here to apply for a complimentary Heal Your Hormones Strategy Call and find out how I can help you in that process.

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