The foods you eat can make a massive difference to your energy levels and ability to focus. Eating too much of the wrong types and not enough of the right ones can leave you feeling tired and struggling to concentrate. The good news is that introducing more of the right things can help reduce fatigue and boost your mental focus.

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In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the power of food and lifestyle changes in helping to balance your hormones. Because I know you’re sick of feeling fat and bloated, and none of your clothes fitting you anymore. That you’re worried your marriage can’t take another of your emotional outbursts and you just feel so tired all the time…

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Are you struggling to focus and concentrate, have difficulty with your short term memory and feel confused and in a mental fog?

You go upstairs and forget what for, you find things in the fridge that should be in the store cupboard and you lose your train of thought mid-conversation.

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