Hormone Makeover Intensive Day

This is your Special Invitation to your very own Personalised Intensive with Rebecca.

Learn How to Balance Your Hormones Naturally for Increased Energy Levels, Reduced Cravings, Balanced Moods and so much more!

Who is this VIP experience for?

This is for you if you want to get instant access to Rebecca’s expertise, a easy-to-implement plan for your Hormone Makeover and are ready to make changes without the confusion and overwhelm of trying to figure it out for yourself.

In just one day, you’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do next. You’ll be inspired and motivated to take action immediately, because you’re a busy woman and I know you want results.

This is perfect for you if:

Your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, your cravings and sugar hankerings are driving you crazy and you struggle to concentrate and forget simple things.

You’re feeling stuck, frustrated and fed up of quick fixes. You’re confused by all the conflicting advice out there and you don’t know what to do next. You do however know you need to make these changes and soon.

You want someone to give you a step-by-step plan that you can action NOW, which is simple and fits into your individual lifestyle.


If you want to experience my unique mix of nutrition advice, guidance and tips on how to change your diet and fit it into your lifestyle so you can feel energised, stave off the sugar cravings and junk food quick fixes and have laser focus at ork, then this is perfect for you.

And don’t worry that you’ll go away and feel overwhelmed trying to implement this yourself because I’ve included 6 weeks of support following on from our Intensive to help support you, make any tweaks to the plan and hold you accountable while implementing the changes.



“I would just like to thank Rebecca for all her help during our recent Intensive sessions. I’ve been suffering with menopausal symptoms for a while and although I had a pretty good diet some simple tweaks and revamping of the supplements that I use has made a big difference in my life. I am calmer, more focused, I sleep better and over the last 5 weeks I have lost 10lbs. One very happy lady  ” ~ Heather Buckel

You’ll receive:

  • Full Day face-to-face Intensive Day with Rebecca (Don’t worry we will take breaks!)
  • 30 minute pre-session call to go through your health history and set personalised goals for your Intensive Day
  • 3 x 45 minute follow up sessions with Rebecca to answer any questions you have and hold your hand while making the changes

What Results Can You Expect?

When we complete your Intensive you’ll walk away with your own personalised plan so you know what steps to take next and in what order.

I’ll show you exactly how easy it is to make these changes without cutting out all your favourite foods, feeling deprived or spending hours in the kitchen.

“I am so enjoying working with Rebecca on overhauling my nutrition and family eating habits. Rebecca is easy to talk to and really understands the pressures of cooking for a family. The meals plans are easy to follow and the recipes are simple, tasty and really work for a family, we now have some new favourites, and I don’t plan to go back to our old ways at all. I have learnt so much, especially that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. I feel so much better, my IBS and bloating has settled down and we are looking at my hormonal fluctuations and incorporating foods into my diet that can help as I approach the menopause. But Rebecca also helps with other factors like how to beat stress and offers practical ideas to help with the challenges of everyday life. Really worth every penny!” Michelle Green, Marlow

If you’re a woman struggling through the perimenopause, and are ready to learn how making diet and lifestyle changes can transform your symptoms, click the link below to book a call.

The investment for this Intensive Programme is £1500