Hey lovely, I'm Rebecca

Nutritional Therapist and Hormone Mentor

A previous life as an IT consultant, working long hours, regular trips away from home and surviving on a diet of carbs, sugar and caffeine killed my hormones and left me feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

The birth of my daughter made me totally reassess my life. Circumstances meant I had to go back to work much earlier than planned. The guilt of that combined with the reality of juggling a baby with a corporate job, while going through a messy divorce and buying a house (I don't like to do things by halves!) led me to total burnout. I was exhausted, stressed, grumpy and knew something had to change.

After spending several months going back and forth to the doctors to be told that I was 'fine'....whatever the hell that means....I realised I needed to figure it out for myself. In a rare moment of peace, I was reading a magazine and an article jumped out at me about how to balance your hormones naturally through making changes to your diet. I could tick off pretty much all the symptoms described and it was a total light bulb moment for me!

It got me thinking about what I was eating, that I wasn't taking care of myself and the effect that was having on my body. The fact that I had the ability to change how I was feeling this way was a revelation for me. I started to pay more attention to the foods I was eating, and taking more time for myself. I had more energy, my moods were balanced and the fog was lifting.

I became so passionate about the changes I made and the difference that made to MY life that it became a mission for me, and led to me going back to college to study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. I wanted to help other women achieve the results I was enjoying: to get their energy back, feel like themselves again, to enjoy quality time with their family and not just be chugging along through daily life feeling stressed, uncomfortable, tired and overwhelmed. In essence I want to help women get to that, lightbulb moment quicker than I did so they can feel, healthier, younger, sexier and more in control.
If you're ready to take control of your hormones, and feel better physically and mentally then book one of my Heal Your Hormones Strategy Sessions to discuss how you're feeling, and how I can support you in making these changes.