28 Days to a Revitalised You Program

Remember when you could get through the week without:
  • Feeling drained and looking for any point in the day you can have a "power nap"?
  • Not making silly mistakes at work that instantly make you worry that you're "losing it"?
  • Mindlessly eating a family sized bag of crisps while you sit at your laptop - and then instantly feeling guilty?
Maybe you tell yourself that this is just what happens when you’re trying to balance a life, family, and job or business.

Maybe you tell yourself (quietly of course) that it’s an age thing. You’re not a twenty-something year old anymore. The abundance of energy on tiny amounts of sleep has long gone.

And yet there’s something inside you that tells you that you can make a change.

You know that you can absolutely regain energy and focus. If you have the right fuel.

Getting Real

This isn't a fad diet. There's no deprivation. You won't be running around the supermarket with your calculator, totting up the calories before you put things in your trolley.

This is the first, achievable, step to building the foundation for a long-term, healthy lifestyle.

And because you're a real woman with a real job and a real family...
This is a plan to fit into your very real life.
And because it's based on bio-science rather than the latest fad diet or quick fix - the results are, well, REAL!

Here's what you can expect over the 28 days:
  • Better relationships thanks to less mood swings on your behalf.
  • No more mid-attention slump - Say hello to being super productive.
  • Laser focus will help you to save time on all tasks.
  • More energy will give thoe 20 somethings a run for their money (as long as you don't try to go to a club with them!)
  • Bye bye to sugar cravings (and the following guilt that comes from reaching for - and eating - the chocolate bar!)

The D Word is Banned

You might have tried numerous diets before and got nowhere - fast.

The 28 Days To a Revitalised You Program isn't a diet. In fact, that word is BANNED from here.

And I'll tell you why...
#1 : Diets have a deadline - This doesn't.
Although you’ll be focusing on 28 days as your starting point, that’s purely to build the good habits that you can continue through your life. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to carry on with this new way of life long after the 28 days is up.
#2: Diets come from a place of deprivation – This doesn’t.
Have you ever noticed that as soon as you say you’re going to stop doing something, you immediately want to do it? That’s why so many people “fail” with diets. But with this programme, you’ll be eating scrumptious, real food that you and your family will love (because who wants to shop, prepare, and cook 2 separate meals every day?!)
#3: Diets focus on weight loss - This doesn't.
If you’ve been carrying a few extra pounds because of unhealthy habits then yes, a happy bi-product of this programme is that you will shed them.


The main focus is to give you the energy to balance a hectic life (work, family, home etc.) without feeling as though you’re about to lose your mind. The biggest achievement a lot of my clients tell me about is that “I feel like myself again!” This is about revitalising your life so that you feel energised, confident and ready to take on anything the world – or the school run – throws at you!
I’ve been suffering with menopausal symptoms for a while and although I had a pretty good diet some simple tweaks and revamping of the supplements that I use has made a big difference in my life. I am calmer, more focused, I sleep better and over the last 5 weeks I have lost 10lbs. One very happy lady.
Heather Buckel

How it Works

Everything in this programme is designed to be easy to digest (pun intended).

You'll get:
  • 4 Weekly eBook Guides with daily prompts, so you get chunks of information daily, making it easy to apply these principles to your life
  • 4 Weekly Meal Planners and Shopping Lists for each week, filled with family-friendly recipes with affordable foods that are found in any supermarket
  • A Simple-to-Use Food Diary – To keep you accountable and on track
  • Handouts – these are your cheat sheets, because life can get busy! Just quick glance at your handout and you’re good to go
So just to reiterate...
This is your chance to live a life that:

- Has better relationships with your loved ones - no more angry lady syndrome
- Is more productive - More energy + focus = more stuff done
- Works - A healthier, happier you means you can enjoy everything more
And the best bit?
It's not a diet!
Its all about balance. And when you start to balance your nutrition - you will achieve balance in your life.

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