I wanted to send you a very big thank you for all your support and all your help! When I first spoke to you and admitted to you that I was at my wits end with mood swings, bloating, lack of energy and a long list of other symptoms you took so much time to reassure me and help me, I cannot thank you enough.

I had already been using your meal plans and found them so helpful not to mention tasty that when I learnt that you could help me with my Hormones that I had felt were a never ending nightmare it was like a gift from god!

Since working with you I am now able to focus and concentrate on my business as well as being a mum. I am more active and less stressed. And I am just feeling lighter and brighter inside and out! My mood swings are much less intense and far more manageable.

Your program has not only helped me but it has helped my husband and my little boy to adopt a healthier and tastier diet, as well as a more active lifestyle as we now have more energy across the board. Your support has also been invaluable in getting me to this point and I will be forever grateful to you for all your help and support. I look forward to continuing of this healthier path and lifestyle that you have helped me create for me and my family!

Chelle Shohet, Style Strategist, London

Rebecca’s Hormonal Transformation Programme is fabulous. It’s easy to fit into everyday family life and made a huge difference to me and my family. I highly recommend it.

I hit early menopause at 38 and spent 7 years trying to help myself with good food and self care. I also have two very troubled, disabled children which brought huge additional stressors. Even with all my own skills and knowledge as an anxiety therapist I still wasn’t feeling my best. I felt old and fed up. I was tired all the time and taking afternoon naps like my granny!

Rebecca is easy to talk to and it was clear she totally understood my situation and the ability to have in-depth tests on my hormones was a bonus. The weekly plans and shopping lists reduce the stress of making changes. They are adaptable to meet needs and likes or dislikes. It was so easy!

Six months on, all my family eat the meals. Many were not that different from what we ate anyway but nutrition is more balanced across the week. Some favourites are banana pancakes, fish stew, chicken and bean casserole – all dead easy to make! I have so much more energy, I’m clear headed and comfortable with how I feel. The bonus was I lost over a stone and people say how good I look. I feel fabulous!

Do not hesitate or faff around for years like I did! Invest in yourself with Rebecca’s programme. It’s totally worth it!

Emma Langton, Hypnotherapist, York

Before working with Rebecca I was constantly tired and yet struggling to wind down. I’d go to bed but not sleep so I ended up on a vicious cycle of drinking coffee and eating biscuits to get through my day. My weight increased and I was miserable. I tried ‘dieting’ and it just didn’t work like it had done in my 20s and 30s. I would exercise like crazy and get disheartened that nothing would change. I would end up tired and full of cold – totally run down.

Since working with Rebecca, I’ve radically altered the way I live my life. Rebecca isn’t just about what you eat- she looks at the way you live. As many women in business may relate, I was spending hours on social media late at night. Sound familiar? Thought so! No more! Rebecca has been kind and supportive and when I still didn’t feel right, Rebecca looked again, did some tweaks and now I feel amazing- more energy, brain fog gone and I’m taking proper care of myself for the first time in a long time!

The best thing about the programme for me is that it’s a lifestyle not a diet. Her recipes are fabulous and my bible now. Rebecca understands hormonal imbalance because she’s been there and she loves to see you enjoying food rather than resenting it. I feel like myself again, only better!

If you’re struggling emotionally, physically or gaining weight, work with Rebecca. She is kind, thoughtful and supportive. You will rediscover yourself in a way you might not think is possible! Rebecca really knows her stuff! She listens carefully and is open to investigating all your symptoms to tailor a programme that’s specific to your needs. Thank you Rebecca!

Emma Heptonstall, Divorce Coach, York

I have just finished my 90 days of nutrition education with Rebecca. Rebecca’s teachings has opened my mind tremendously and through the thorough laboratory testing Rebecca provided, which my own GP is now looking into (eventually), I am now a livelier, clearer thinking, lighter, healthier person. I would never have thought I was creating my health problems with what I was eating.

I knew the saying “you are what you eat” and I would ponder on the saying, but Rebecca dug really deep and explained the meaning of the words, making me understand that the wrong foods do truly make you feel unwell. I have been pointed in the right direction to a healthier me. Thank you very much Rebecca and I now consider you as a good friend.

Karen Taylor, Arbonne Consultant, Manchester

I am so enjoying working with Rebecca on overhauling my nutrition and family eating habits. Rebecca is easy to talk to and really understands the pressures of cooking for a family. The meals plans are easy to follow and the recipes are simple, tasty and really work for a family, we now have some new favourites, and I don’t plan to go back to our old ways at all. I have learnt so much, especially that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. I feel so much better, my IBS and bloating has settled down and we are looking at my hormonal fluctuations and incorporating foods into my diet that can help as I approach the menopause. But Rebecca also helps with other factors like how to beat stress and offers practical ideas to help with the challenges of everyday life. Really worth every penny!

Michelle Green, Marlow

I came across Rebecca in a Facebook Group and started following her as I was interested in what she was saying. I had a history of IBS and menstrual problems and then I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the summer. I decided to contact Rebecca and see what she could do to help and I am so glad that I did!

I have been following the plan for 3 months and enjoyed every bit of it. The meal plans are so easy to follow, the recipes are so easy and really delicious and have really changed the way that I eat and view food. There is nothing ‘faddy’, just a really sensible eating plan with tasty, natural, and nutritious food.

My diabetes is under control, I have lost inches, I don’t feel bloated and uncomfortable any more and I feel confident about making sensible choices about food. Rebecca has been empathetic, down to earth and a joy to work with. It has been a great experience and I would recommend Rebecca’s programme to anyone struggling with hormone or diet related issues.

Annabel Roberts, HR Manager, Coventry

I worked with Rebecca over a 6 week period having suffered with an undiagnosed problem for 6 months. Within a week of following her plan I started to feel better than I had for a long time. Her plans make sense adjusting popular dishes to be healthier (& tastier!!) as well as adding lots of new delicious dishes too. I found Rebecca listened to the issues I had with following the plans and rather than just preaching to me, she worked with me to make practical adjustments to the plans so they fitted in better with my lifestyle and my likes & dislikes.

The information sent through to me throughout the plan was very user friendly and I loved the “Shopping List” section which made it a doddle when I went to do my shopping as it was already planned for me! I am still regularly following the nutrition plans I received and my family now have several new favourite dishes added to our list!! My children are only 2 & 4 years old but both thoroughly enjoyed all the meals served throughout the plan. Thank you so much Rebecca.

Emma Stevens, Accountant, Ruislip

Since the birth of my children, especially my youngest, I have struggled to lose my ‘baby weight’. I have tried every diet going from big name slimming clubs to shake type diets. All work for a while but then I would reach a plateu or find them too restrictive and unsustainable. I have always been really active and enjoy exercise. However, exercise alone was not shifting my weight and I was the heaviest I had ever been.

This was affecting my confidence and I was turning down nights out because I felt uncomfortable with how I looked.

I have known Rebecca for a number of years and after realising I really needed to do something to address my weight, I contacted Rebecca and signed up for her 12 week plan. It was a big financial investment for me but that made me even more determined to stick to it. I thought I ate pretty healthily in the week but realised I had been conditioned to eat low fat, more protein and no carbs and exercise more. Well, I was already exercising more than most average people. Protein is difficult for me being a vegetarian and I like my carbs.

After speaking with Rebecca I realised it wasn’t just about low fat food. It was about the right quality of food, and fats are an important part of that. I also learned about ‘good’ carbs and vegetarian protein. I have learned how to snack healthily and to always be food prepared.

My fortnightly telephone consultations, weekly meal plans and being able to message Rebecca whenever I needed has helped me loads. I now understand how hormones can affect weight loss and how to deal with snack attacks and planning my food around a busy family life and running my own business.

My family have embraced our new healthy lifesyle and we are all enjoying the delicious recipes each week. We have quite a few family favourties now.

So far, I have lost almost a stone in weight and I am continuing on my journey armed with a lot more knowledge thanks to Rebecca. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca’s services and the investment in yourself.

Kate Banham, Paraplanner, Canada